Top Ten Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made

Movies stay with you. Horror flicks scare, rom-coms mold our ideas of love, and dramas tear at our hearts. Filmmakers are aware of the impact that they have on the human psyche and that's what they feed off of.

But it's that select group of films that forever stays with us. The films that disturb us, scare us, or leave us questioning what we know. Even if the content is too much to stomach, it's hard to disagree -- these movies have certainly changed the portrayal of cinematic value, even if their impact was less than tolerable.

10. Audition

In Japanese culture, women are perceived as docile, delicate

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creatures who are encouraged to marry and bare sons. Or at least that's

what is usually portrayed in film. But in Takashi Miike's Audition,

this entire image comes to a screeching halt as a disturbed young woman

not only eerily wiggles her way into a widower's family, but also puts

him through one of the most horrific torture scenes in modern cinema.

9. The Human Centipede
It kicks off as a typical horror movie: two girls get lost and end up at

some creepy old guy's house. But this creepy old guy goes beyond the

typical slasher film and instead kidnaps the girls for his intense, raw

and sick experiment -- turning three living, breathing human beings into a

medically correct centipede. While most of the movie is kind of a bore,

the actual 'connecting' of the girls to the lone male victim is

twisted. Imagine having your mouth connected to another person's anus.

8. Requiem for a Dream

Films portraying drug addiction are never easy to enjoy, but in Darren

Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream, we see the characters' transitions from

four drug addicted struggling individuals to full blown mental cases as

a result of their 'medicine.' It's difficult to watch but even more

difficult because the actors' stunning performances force you to believe

that they may, actually, be dependent.

7. Taxi Driver

This film may not fall into the 'gore' category, but it certainly comes

into this list for Robert Deniro's disturbing performance alone. As a

Vietnam war veteran who violently lashes out at the perverted streets of

New York City, his rants alone are intense enough to instill fear in

those of us who use the taxi cab system.

6. Martyrs

In the first revenge film to make the list, this foreign flick leaves

little to the imagination. Torture and violence are the kindest words to

describe what happens to the individuals living in this world of sick,

twisted human depravity. It's a wild ride that certainly isn't for the

faint of heart.

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