Top Ten Best Stoner Movies Ever

Pineapple Express is a classic stoner flick, but is it the best?
Pineapple Express is a classic stoner flick, but is it the best?

Weed is awesome, and even though just last year, Governor Rick Scott banned the sale of bongs (huh?), it seems Florida is finally coming around to the good stuff.

Lest you potheads forget, medical marijuana is officially on the ballot. Habitual smokers are usually depicted as hard to motivate, but if you've ever seen a stoner without a proper device, you know they can be quite ingenious. We're hoping y'all get off your couches and do your part at the polls (you might as well study the rest of the ballot, too, first).

Because we're so stoked on the issue, we're counting down our favorite stoner movies. Light that shit, smoke that shit, pass that shit, and enjoy.

10. Belly

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Best Stoner Moment: Um, bombaclat?

This movie is some real gangster ish. From 1998, this flick features none other than DMX, Nas, Method Man, and more of your favorite street icons. It seems that every two minutes there's a blunt burning on screen, and it's best watched while doing the same. Fair warning though, if you do get blunted up and you don't speak Rasta, good luck following the plot. To be honest, we're not sure we exactly know what was going on, but we're pretty damn sure that whatever happened, it was amazing.

9. How High

Best Stoner Moment: Did you know Benjamin Franklin invented a giant bong?

Method Man and Red Man are the two highest people in hip-hop, well, maybe besides Snoop Dogg. Surely, they were on some high-grade medical green when they wrote this, because the whole thing might be the goofiest movie premise we've ever heard of in our life. Dudes get high on a plant grown from the ashes of a dead buddy, and the ghost friend helps them cheat on their college exams. Make sure you smoke extra for this one, but damned if it isn't the best soundtrack in a stoner movie of all time.

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