Tool Academy

If the words prison sex, stinkfist, crawl away, or disgustipated make you smile, then you might be a predicate felon enjoying another stretch. How’d you get this paper in there, anyway? Or you could be a fan of Tool -- that’s a band, and those are a few of their song titles. In 20 years, they’ve sold millions of albums, toured worldwide, fought institutions that challenge their artistic expression, and changed the face of music videos and concert visuals. Those are just some of the accomplishments that have won them a rabid legion of fans. And the band never releases lyrics with their albums, so don’t be surprised if you hear made-up words at Tuesday’s Tool Tribute Show at Churchill’s Pub. The concert features at least nine bands including Loot, Trybe, Triple Gem, and Andy Christ and The Apostles covering their favorite Tool tracks. It’s all part of an ongoing series of tribute concerts that have been going strong at the CBGB of the South. But all Tool-heads are not happy. Some wonder if the Miami music scene has the chops to do the tribute justice. Is it an affront to Tool for amateurs to play their music? Do they even have the right equipment to mimic them correctly? Find out for yourself.
Tue., Dec. 21, 8 p.m., 2010


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