Too Hot for Bulls

Shaquille O’Neal pulled up lame a couple of weeks ago, a sure sign the regular season is coming to an end and the real season — known as the playoffs — is about to begin. The Heaters wrap up with a final home game against the Chicago Bulls, followed by two away games. Then things get serious. As of this writing, the Heat was seeded second and likely to face Indiana (seventh seed despite a losing record, hence the “real season” comment) or Milwaukee in the first round. Predictions? Detroit, Miami, New Jersey, and, in a minor upset, Washington go to round two; Detroit and Miami repeat last year’s conference final. Sadly we fear Detroit — playing even better than the past two seasons, including its championship two years ago, and still injury-free — will once again crush the Heat’s long-deferred dream of an NBA title.
Sun., April 16, 1 p.m.


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