Too Cutie for Words

He is the pimp of priesthood, the rock star of religion, the charismatic collar… well, you get the point. Father Albert Cutie (pronounced coo-ti-a) garnered international attention a few years back when he was captured canoodling with his girlfriend on the beach by heathen, ahem, paparazzi. The Catholic Church frowns upon priests getting it on. The fact that one of its most prominent, popular, and beloved priests seemed to have (gasp!) fallen in love created a media maelstrom. Most people (particularly straight women) were on Father Cutie’s side. Why shouldn’t priests be allowed to marry? Aren’t good men already hard enough to find? And Father Cutie did not want to leave the priesthood. He just wanted to be able to make time with his babe. After much debate, the Father eventually defected to a much cooler Christian camp, the Episcopalian Church, which has no issue with homosexuality or priests falling in love. As one can imagine, a spiritual struggle such as this takes its toll, and there are only two ways to reach catharsis: going to confession or writing a book. Father Cutie details his meteoric rise within the Church, his love for spreading God’s word, and the neglect and abandonment he felt from church leaders in his new book Dilemma. This Saturday, he’ll sign copies at Books & Books .
Sat., Jan. 8, 7 p.m., 2011


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