Toke These Tunes

Bob Marley did it. Willie Nelson loves it. Snoop Dogg even made a career out of it. These musicians and many others have been bold about their love affair with Mary Jane. Rumor has it, ganja does get those creative juices flowing. Now we’re not suggesting that the Tony Hume Collaboration, version 2.0 (known simply as THCv2.0) gets its gears moving via herbal enlightenment, but the band does live up to its namesake with trippy beats and psychedelic soundscapes.

Electro funk songs like “Tetris Hydro Cannibal” and “No Choke Toke” are highly danceable tunes layered over electric guitar chords. If this sounds like your cup of green tea, head to Scrap Bar tonight at 10:00 and be prepared to space out to the experimental trio’s improvised sets. Be sure to show your love and spark one up – a lighter that is.
Fri., June 8, 10 p.m.


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