Toes in the Sand

Do you need a hiatus from hip-hop? Are you sick of salsa? Repulsed by reggaeton? If you’re seeking respite from the same old party scene, try a taste of the Far East and enjoy an escapist experience at the Mandarin Oriental. The seasonal weekly bash Barefoot at the Oasis has returned to delight locals with a yen for international flavor. Check your shoes at the door, lounge under the moonlight, and sip signature cocktails such as the Sunset Martini or Mandarin Bliss. As executive chef Tom Parlo whips up delicious Chinese dim sum and other Asian inspired delicacies, DJ Freddy O will rock the house with high-energy beats. Call ahead to reserve a beach bed or opium bed and ensure a comfortable spot on the soft sand -- tricked out with white canopies and ornate Thai fabric. For budgetless ballers, there’s the oasis cabana, a secluded spot where a personal beach butler will dazzle you with vintage champagne and a lavish spread of epicurean delights. Call 305-913-8358, or visit
Fridays, 6-11 p.m. Starts: Feb. 17. Continues through May 31


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