To Catch a Predator

Ding-ding. It’s the sound of your daughter’s instant messenger. You might think she’s trading LOLs with friends, but in reality, FriendlyOldGuy69 is telling her how mature she sounds and how much he’d like to meet her. One night, she doesn’t come home. The police start asking if she spent a lot of time online lately. And you think, Who doesn’t?

In Pretty Little Things, a Coral Springs teenager goes missing, and the cops believe she’s just another runway. But one investigator has a gut feeling she’s the victim of an online predator — just like his own daughter was. The legal thriller is the latest from Jilliane Hoffman, an ex-lawyer who pulls material from her Miami days prosecuting felonies as the assistant state attorney and consulting on homicide, narcotics, and organized crime investigations for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
Tue., Sept. 7, 8 p.m., 2010


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