Time to Bring Back the Sabbath

Despite technically being part of the weekend, Sunday nights suck. It’s almost like they’re infected with a terminal case of the Mondays. If you dare to leave your apartment and hit the bar, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find nothing, a bit more nothing, and 24 flat-screens’ worth of football. Well, no more. Thanks to Groovy Grove Sundays at Chicago’s, you finally have moderately cool plans for the latter half of the seventh day.

Beginning at 10 p.m., local boy-girl-boy-girl band Little Beard will bring indie-pop whimsy to the kitschy, heavily carpeted interior of the Windy City-themed steak house. With Michael on guitars, Nicole on drums, Edwin on bass, and Sarah on synths and vocals, you can finally put the kibosh on all of that nothing. Plus there’ll be zero football. So happy-dance, shuffle, or do whatever step suits your kind, ’cause it looks possible the Sabbath has been saved. Cover is $5.
Sun., Dec. 20, 8 p.m., 2009


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