Time Machine Shopping

When excavators from the year 3012 dig up the remains of our society, what will they find? Will they uncover mountains of plastic Publix bags? Will they be sweeping the earth of sunken-in sofa cushions, trying to figure out what type of creatures sat in them for hours on end? Our guess is that there will be a lot of inexplicable finds such as ass-shaped, silicone-filled pouches lying beside mounds of hair extensions. Ugh. Sucks for the folks who’ll go antiquing in that century. But luckily for you, our ancestors have blessed us with treasure troves of booty to wade through on a Sunday morning. In this century, anyone searching for valuable, rare, and unique items from bygone eras should show up at the Lincoln Road Outdoor Antique Collectible Market.

Today from 8 to 5, peruse the booths that will line Lincoln Road from Lenox to Michigan avenues for a huge selection of pieces that are authentic and affordable. The sale takes place again April 20. Visit www.antiquecollectiblemarket.com for more dates when you can get your shop on.
Sun., April 6, 2008


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