Tie One On

Everyone knows that it’s, like, totally difficult to surf on South Beach because of the lack of waves. Surprisingly enough, despite the boat-assisted speed that wakeboarding involves, it’s become even harder to practice that particular water sport in Miami. “They’re closing off a lot of waterways we used, because of manatee protection and that kind of stuff,” laments Jonathan “Joner” Strauss. As the event organizer of Board Up, a competitive wakeboarding and music festival, he aims to prove that the sport can be done safely and happily without harming precious sea life.

“It’s really a sport on the rise, and the community would love it,” Strauss explains. To celebrate the ocean-spraying festival’s second year, some of the sport’s biggest names will be strapping on tow ropes. “Let’s say we’ve got like the legends of basketball — Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson? That’s the caliber of wakeboarders who will be coming to this event,” says Strauss. Sounds awesome. Everyone is invited to watch amazing wakeboarding tricks and gaze at babes in bikini contests. Big local DJ Irie will rock the turntables and up-and-coming bands like Made of Hemp will provide nonstop entertainment for landlubbing party people. Visit www.board-up.net for a complete schedule of events and afterparties.
Thu., March 8, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.


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