Through a Distant Lens

Imagine a group of CIA geeks focusing their high-tech toys on Cuba’s architecture, and you capture a sense of the striking photographs on display in Havana Today in Images. Presented by Miami Dade College’s InterAmerican Campus, the eye-popping exhibit showcases the stark juxtaposition of Havana’s crumbling colonial gems next to gleaming high-rise buildings and features photographs shot with satellite cameras that exude an Orwellian “Big Brother” vibe.

“The photographs are enormous and very high-quality,” explains Dr. Rosany Alvarez, a spokesperson for MDC. “In them you’ll see all the sadness and decay reflecting what’s taking place in the city, but people will also be surprised by how many nice new buildings there are.” On view at the Tower Theater Gallery, the show includes 25 large-scale images of Havana taken in December 2006, including several panoramic shots offering the public “an unprecedented level of detail.” Images range from a worm’s-eye view of the elegantly aging Garcia Lorca National Theater to snaps of people living in homes missing walls and roofs.
Starts: May 27. Daily, 2007


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