Through a Child’s Eyes

Hope has many faces. You can see it in Dynella’s almond-shape eyes or in Martin’s apple-cheek smile. In his portrait, Marco wears a brightly colored shirt as he leans against a tree with a quiet confidence that belies his tender age. Their pictures do not come from a family album or a school yearbook. Local photographers eager to help these children find a loving home have snapped them. “The Waiting 2007,” opening today at 3:00 at the Miami Children’s Museum, features the portraits of 36 local youngsters, most over the age of nine, who have long been dreaming of a family all their own.

The heart-piercing exhibit has been organized by Fotomission, a local nonprofit with the goal of heightening adoption awareness and helping connect these children with people willing to help them. Since the project was initiated four years ago, a third of the children featured have found homes, explains Fotomission spokesperson Pavlova Greber. “Our photographers have embraced this project, contributing their artistic vision to create portraits that express humor, fun, faith, enthusiasm, friendship, and, above all, hope,” says Greber. The show runs through December 16.
Nov. 18-Dec. 16, 2007


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