Thrashing Castro

Want change in Cuba? Forget ineffective legislation and international embargoes. You’re better off starting with something young. Something subversive, maybe with a bit of anarchy thrown in. Something that stimulates both the physical and emotional. Something like skateboarding. Huh? That’s right. You’d be hard-pressed to find a subculture on the island that is flourishing more against such stacked odds — it’s practically impossible to get a skateboard and gear. Luckily, the Miami skateboarding scene is doing its part to support skaters on the communist island. Local shops have already held fundraisers for skaters and provided supplies. This Saturday, Amigo Skate Cuba, the largest benefit to date, will take place at Transit Lounge starting at 8 p.m. Miami’s art, music, and, skate scenes will show up en masse to support the movement. Organizers are raising funds and collecting equipment for another jaunt to the island, where they’ll be part of a skate expo May 9. Thirty artists, including Alex Yanes and Krave, will paint skateboards to be auctioned off, while 15 bands, among them Spam Allstars and ArtOfficial, rock in support of Cuban skaters. Even Hellbound City tattoo artists will be there inking for the cause — just don’t ask for a Che tat. Admission is free, but for $5, you can enter the miniramp, flatground, and longboard skating contests.
Sat., April 16, 8 p.m., 2011


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