Bask in Tori's presence this Wednesday.
Bask in Tori's presence this Wednesday.
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images.

This Week: Tori Spelling, Grand Central Debaters, Weird Miami

Put that gold AmEx card away. This week is on us. Below, we've listed one (at least!) free event for each day of the week: Wynwood galleries, celebrity book signings, climate change talks scored by the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs, and even space-western art films.

Monday: Wynwood's Bas Fischer Invitational highlights the strangeness of our city in their "Weird Miami" exhibit, open daily if you make an appointment. They also host Weird Miami bus tours. Check back later today when we'll tell you all about yesterday's jaunt through Miami's strange spots.

Tuesday: Another event to file under "crazy-but-entertaining marketing

schemes." Lexus is launching hybrid cars, so they've organized a debate

on green living dubbed "The Darker Side of Green." Comedian Jamie

Kennedy will host, environmental journalist Amanda Little and

professional cyclist Chris Horner will argue, and the Misshapes and

Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner will DJ. This Grand Central event

is free.

Wednesday: On hump day, you'll have two extremes of free events

choices: You could go get a book signed by celebutante Tori Spelling or

you could hear a respected journalist, Gwynne Dyer, sound off on

climate change. Both are hosted by Books and Books, and both are free.

Thursday: Sweat Records is hosting a free screening of American

Astronaut, a space-western/musical by Cory McAbee of the Bill Nayer

Show band. Check out the trailer:

Friday: One of the standouts of the recent Wynwood openings for July's

art walk was "Boy, Oh Boy," a visual tour of issues of manhood, at the

Fredric Snitzer Gallery. The gallery, which is always free, is open

Tuesday through Saturday.


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