This Lisa Gets Dirty

Craving hot wax at a tender age, Lisa M. cut her first album, Trampa, at fourteen. The record went gold, making the fiery Puerto Rican performer the highest-paid female Latin rapper at the time. Since her sophomore followup No Lo Derrumbes in 1990 went platinum, the self-described barrio homegirl went on to produce a string of international hits that earned her the “Queen of Rap” moniker and a contract with Sony Discos early on in her career.

La Diva, who this past June released her latest album, Respect, which includes the singles “Hey Ladies,” “Fuego,” and “Encendido,” turns loose her incendiary talent tonight at 10:00 during Sirens at Score (727 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach) in time to melt the candles on 2006. Brought to you by Icandee Productions, Lisa M. promises a torrid night of rump-shaking merry-making for women who love women and girls who just want to gather under the mistletoe in time to embrace the pink of a fresh year.
Sat., Dec. 30, 10 p.m.


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