Think Positive

For Miamians, agonizing over our love/hate relationship with the Miami Dolphins each year is a time-honored tradition. But despite our best attempts at cynicism, we might just end up eating our words. Luckily, victory is sweet, so they’re pretty tasty. With any luck, our mammalian friends might actually have a shot at the playoffs. After a spectacular win against the New York Jets, Ryan Tannehill and company are looking better and better. If you want to avoid being labeled a fair-weather fan, now is the time to jump back on the Dolphins bandwagon. This Sunday, the Fins meet the Tennessee Titans. So wash the blood stains off your turquoise-and-orange gear (Jets’ fans are such bleeders) and saddle up to support your team. Let’s savor this winning feeling for however long it might last.
Sun., Nov. 11, 1 p.m., 2012


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