They’ve Got the Beat

In a city with countless club DJs blasting electronic music, it is fitting for one of them to host the premiere of a documentary about that musical genre -- and follow it with a party featuring DJs and electronic performances, of course. Darkbeat: An Electro World Voyage, a 60-minute doc by Venezuelan-born Iris Cegarra, follows the evolution of electronic music by studying its innovators -- such as Stanley Kubrick film composer Wendy Carlos -- and its instruments, including the Moog and the sampler.

“It just takes you through the history and the future of music that’s not talked about much but used a lot,” says Darkbeat producer and Miami native Francesca Seiden. “You see how it was and how it is.” The film will be projected onto three screens set up in the Pawn Shop Lounge, and patrons can watch from the club’s vintage couches and VIP airplane hangar. “It’s a different way of seeing the film,” says Seiden, “but the film is very different in itself.” After tonight’s 8:00 presentation, there will be performances by electro artists Boris Divider and Cosmic Force, as well as DJs Exzakt and Uprokk. Tickets cost $20 to $25. Call 305-573-6369, or visit
Fri., June 30


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