THEY’re Above It

Although Super Bowl XLI is days away, THEY Improv will not be making fun of it. The comedy group simply respects intellectual property law too much to make light of such a valuable commodity. And there isn’t very much material there for the troupe’s brand of humor anyway. Football? Football is not funny ... unless it’s soccer. Also, with the formerly naughty artist known as Prince doing the halftime honors, chances are slim that the now-Jehovah’s Witness will provide some parody-worthy antics during his show. And Lord knows there’s nothing in his eccentric background to riff on. Pricey commercials? Nothing funny there, either. THEY Improv’s Trademark Bowl show tonight at the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel will be free of any NFL references. You can take that to your bookie. Cover is five dollars, and the group warns that there is no two-drink minimum. Full bar means 21 and older only.
Thu., Feb. 1, 9 p.m.


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