They’ll Dance to Anything

The block party holds a special place in hip-hop nostalgia. An organic coming-together of rappers and fans, b-boys and girls -- all gathered in an urban setting to dance under the streetlights -- has magnificent appeal. This month’s MoCASonic event taps into the memory of blockos past. Art lovers and hip-hoppers alike are invited to kick off a series of cutting-edge events in honor of legendary choreographer Merce Cunningham, with E-Merce: In Chance. The event will combine high art and innovative choreography in the streets of Wynwood.

The free outdoor street party will make use of Merce’s Chance Operations, and in lieu of a regular b-boy battle, members of the Flipside Kings crew will strut their skills with an unconventional demonstration. “A roll of the dice will determine the music they dance to -- it could be country/western!” explains director Bonnie Clearwater. Celebrated b-boy Rudi Goblen will host the break-dance session. Check out the artistic installations inside MoCA at Goldman Warehouse (404 NW 26th St., Miami) from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Then break it down to “Buddy,” “Ego Trippin’,” and “Me, Myself, and I,” when hip-hop legends De La Soul take the stage. Call 305-893-6211, or visit
Sat., Oct. 14


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