They Call It Stormy Friday

The sky is pitch-black at 5:30 p.m., that damn writers’ strike has plunged your favorite TV show into reruns already, and your Christmas budget looks like the dollar menu at McDonald’s. We understand if you have a case of the blues. And we don’t expect you to be happy even though you should be happy that your sight is intact, you have a TV to veg out in front of, and enough dough to buy a greasy carton of fries. And in addition to the pity we feel for you, we’re going to let you in on an event that suits your commiseration. From today through December 2, you can take your sad eyes and down-turned mouth to the Coral Gables Bluesfest.

Fritz & Franz Bierhaus is giving you a weekend of soulful tunes from artists like Outta d’Blues, Iko Iko, Big City Band, Nightscape, the Pat de Leon Group, Albert Castiglia, and Piano Bob’s 88s. The festival is free, but the food and large amounts of alcohol you’ll probably consume are not.
Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2007


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