The Writing’s on the Wall

Despite the black cloud hanging over the publishing industry, text is more popular than ever. A larger percentage of the population communicates via the written word now than at any other point in history. In fact, research suggests... hold on a second, just have to answer this text message… OK, where were we?... Oh, yes, so... research suggests... wait, wait need to tweet what just happened two cubicles over...

It suffices to say that “Tiny Stories [01],” a new exhibit at the Bass Museum of Art, captures the present in deeply satisfying fashion. Comprising 75 framed typed paragraphs, the exhibit turns the museum into a giant canvas of exceptionally clever mini-narratives and creates the feeling of trying to reconstruct the world from only its linguistic fragments. Written by several scribes using a “studio-like process,” the 100-to-150-word stories have a note-to-self vibe while simultaneously seeming detached from any one particular consciousness.

Head over this Wednesday between noon and 5 p.m. and prepare to get lost in a forest of sans serif brilliance. Admission is eight dollars for adults, six for seniors and students.
Wed., Sept. 23, noon, 2009


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