The Upper Eastside Shifts into Overdrive

Miami’s Upper Eastside has been slow to break free from its red-light-district past, but that hasn’t deterred some locals from trying to shift its transformation into high gear. Nightlife newcomer Patrick Walsh, along with Animals of the Arctic’s Alex Puentes and Ricardo Guerrero, has given the area its first weekly party, Nightdrive, at the News Lounge (5580 NE Fourth Ct., Miami) Wednesday nights. Walsh, who is also the venue’s manager, says having a party far from the conventional spots — abandoned buildings in Park West or warehouses in Wynwood — is a risk, but with all the hustle and bustle around 55th Street Station, people will see there is an upside to partying in a place where businesses are close together. Plus, in this location he doesn’t have to compete with nightlife kingpins Poplife and Sweat Records, both of whom already have the mainland’s weekend club market cornered.

Nightdrive has already hosted local scene stars Mike Deuce, José El Rey, Panic Bomber, and the Remote Controllers, and the party doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. This week, Nightdrive continues on cruise control as Lolo Reskin of Sweat Records hits the decks and Fort Lauderdale electronic duo Life of Seals performs live, along with the night’s promoters, who spin under the names DJ PJ, Treasures, and R3K+. The party starts at 9, and there’s no cover.
Wednesdays, 2009


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