The Type of Man She Hated

“Let me do the talking, angel. I don't know yet what I'm going to tell them. It'll be pretty close to the truth.” Humphrey Bogart immortalized these words as a hard-drinking film-noir detective in the 1946 film adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel The Big Sleep. This month’s installment of the weekly hip-hop fuckall-turned-urban lowbrow hybrid party Murk’d is also titled The Big Sleep, and graffiti artist/party promoter Aholsniffsglue predicts, “You will see mad party action, art, and possibly some tits.” He will be painting female canvasses all night, so don’t be surprised by any nude, color-coated beauties walking around the club.

PS14 will take on a gutter-museum role as 14 other artists — including Abstrak, PointTooSticks, NFRomero, and Goop — display their work throughout the venue. Ubiquitous art sponsor Grolsch is involved with the event, as is, so you can also expect to see photos of your drunken self all over the web. Parable — one of the event organizers and a high-caliber Internet freestyle phenom — will perform onstage alongside Skam2. Madame Turk, Salami Fingaz, Push Button Objects, and DJ Sharpsound will handle the rest of the musical selections for the night. The exhibition begins at 9 p.m.; admission is five dollars. Call 305-358-3600, or visit
Thu., July 31, 2008


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