The Turtle and the Egg

Ask anyone who has seen Finding Nemo: Sea turtles are way cool. They are romantic too. The ecologically vulnerable creatures can live for up to a century, but they never forget the first beach where they hunkered down to nest. Animal lovers can share in a uniquely life-affirming experience tonight during the Moonlight Turtle Walk. The adventure begins at 9:00 at the Museum of Discovery and Science with an informative slide show. Visitors will meet Buddy, the museum’s resident baby turtle, before being taken to Fort Lauderdale Beach, where 300-pound loggerheads have returned and dug coves within which to lay their eggs. @cal body 1:“It’s really cool. After they lay five or six eggs, they fall into a euphoric state. Then they lay anywhere between 40 to 200 eggs,” says Joe Cypacki, vice president of programs and exhibits. After the ritual, the turtles return to the ocean. There are specific rules of engagement when these ocean-dwelling giants clamber ashore. “No flash photography, and visitors need to be quiet and make sure not to walk over the turtles’ tracks,” Cypacki cautions. This incredible event costs $14. Call 954-713-0930 to make a reservation, and visit
June 20-July 11


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