The Turn of the Screw at Pelican Theatre Through August 12

A talented cast and crew bring Henry James's 1898 psychological thriller, The Turn of the Screw, eerily to life in the Naked Stage's adaptation of the classic ghost story. Featuring only two actors, the play tells the tale of a young parson's daughter, who takes a job as a governess in an ominous, fortress-like mansion. There she meets a 10-year-old boy who has been expelled from school because of his bizarre behavior. The new governess is suspicious of the expulsion and fears the boy is hiding a horrific secret. Not long after she moves into the mansion, she begins seeing a strange man and woman walking the grounds, and she is convinced they're spirits. The housekeeper then reveals to the governess that the woman she replaced and another employee of the estate, Peter Quint, had a torrid love affair, and both died. The governess begins to suspect that before his death, Quint molested the boy, and that the two apparitions she's seeing are the ghosts of the dead governess and Quint. Is it all a strange reality, or is the governess growing mad? Filled with gothic themes, The Turn of the Screw is a darkly seductive story that remains ambiguous while giving audiences the chills.


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