The Ten People You Meet During an UberPool Ride in Miami

It's been almost five months since the Miami launch of UberPool, the carpool version of the original service that connects riders traveling the same routes in an effort to save them money. As expected, the results have been interesting. After all, it's one thing to ride with a group of strangers on a bus or train, but it's an entirely different thing to hop into the back seat with a complete unknown. You gotta just hope for the best. But we don't always get what we want.

An UberPool ride is unpredictable in an almost thrilling way, with results ranging from downright awkward to amazingly life-changing. You can meet a lot of different people on a ride in Miami.

10. The Hottie  
There you are, just trying to get to work on the cheap, and suddenly the passenger door opens and a Banana Republic model-looking hottie steps in. You get on your phone to seem unbothered and totally nonchalant, but really you're tweeting your heart out.

9. The Smelly Dude
Everything is all chill when suddenly the driver picks up your co-rider. He steps in, and you can literally taste the stench. You're technically not supposed to put down the windows during the drive, so you're forced to sit there and marinate in what very well might be fart-scented vomit. 

8. The Walk-of-Shamer 
You're not one to judge, but it's 9 a.m. Wednesday and you doubt she's wearing a miniskirt and platform heels to work this morning. Male walk-of-shamers are harder to spot because really, dudes only have so many uniforms to wear places. You're not sure whether to high-five or be jealous because you're on your way to work and she's on her way to wash off the sex and get some brunch. 

7. The One Looking for Love
There's nothing like jumping into a stranger's car and minding your own business, only to find out you've basically walked into a speed date. You wish the driver would speed up so this pseudodate could end. Fate is one thing; feeling like you're on a bizarre MTV dating show is another. 

6. The Ultra-Goer 
All you want to do is meet your friends for a normal dinner, and when you're en route, you end up in the back seat with Johnny Depp's character from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It's like you were thrust into the drunk tank in a boxy prison cell on wheels. Even worse, because this experience is mobile, things are happening all around you outside, but you can't get away. 

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