The Ten Biggest Florida Memes of 2013

Oh Florida, sometimes we wish we knew how to quit you. You've been a great source of laughs throughout the year, but sometimes you're just too much for us.

Every cray news story to blow up on the Internet seems to come from you. You ruin political careers; you invent ridiculous fitness routines; your sports teams are always acting a fool.

But, you know what, Florida? We really wouldn't want you any other way. Sure, you're perceived as the herpes-infected dong of the United States, but to us, you are perfect. If it weren't for you, the rest of the world would have nothing to bring them the joy of schadenfreude. So, in honor of your fabulous weirdness, we're paying homage to the ten biggest memes, gifs, and viral videos birthed by Florida in 2013.

Thanks for the memories, Sunshine State. We can't wait to see how you top yourself next year.

The Ten Biggest Florida Memes of 2013

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10. Gator Block

This was definitely not a great year to be a Florida Gator. With Jameis Winston and Florida State shittin' on 'em and unranked Georgia Southern slaying their entire mothereffing lives, two Florida players just had to go and embarrass the team further by blocking EACH OTHER during a game. And while this shameful display is painful for those who bleed orange and blue, it provided a great laugh for the rest of us Internet trolls. Looking towards 2014, they should have Tim Tebow say a little prayer on their behalf. We hear his calendar is pretty empty these days.

9. Prancercise

Goodbye CrossFit, hello Prancercise. Created by Floridian Joanna Rohrback, Prancercise joyfully galloped into our lives in 2013, forever changing how we looked at fitness. It isn't all about high-intensity cardio and lifting anymore. Now, sashaying your hips and trotting along like a majestic horse is the way to burn those pastelito-induced calories. Taking a page from the fitness videos of yesteryear, Rohrback added her own flair for the spectacular and brought the sexy back to 2013, Justin Timberlake style.

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