Gondwana just wants to sing with you.
Gondwana just wants to sing with you.

The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami this Weekend

My, my. It's been quite a week, y'all.

What with all this zombie talk and something about baths and salts or salty baths, it seems some lone man has captured the attention of the nation right in our own backyard.

We've got better news for you, though. It's the damn weekend, y'all! Yes, it's finally time to let go of all this mumbo jumbo talk of apocalyptic times to come. Hell, we're all gonna die someday, so why make it all dramatic and cinematic? Anyone buy the rights to that story for a movie yet? Anyone?

While we wait for the Lifetime original movie, check out our list of the 10 best facemunching-free things to do this weekend.




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