Ms. Thing's probably got her ex-hubby envious.
Ms. Thing's probably got her ex-hubby envious.

The Ten Best Things to Do In Miami This Weekend

Someone has answered our mindless rambles. We've got a three-day weekend, y'all!

That's right. It's Labor Day on Monday.

Unless you have to work that day (which, if you do, we sincerely apologize and swear to throw a few back for you), we've got one extra day to relax and let this work week melt away like ice on a beer can.

JLo's in town, too. The woman is pushing 40 and still has a better body than most of us. Ugh. Anyway, if you don't want to see her, there's plenty more for you to do on our three-day edition best things to do this weekend.


  • Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias: Now that JLo's got her groove back, she's to shimmy on stage for you. 'Rique wants to do shots. 
  • Mayday!: It sounds like a cry for help, but these guys are just interested in the tunage.
  • Rachel Goodrich: Love that little ukulele!
  • Guava Rugelach Festival: In fact, this has nothing to do with the sweet, buttery Jewban confection you probably thought. It's a music festival nonetheless.




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