Wyclef's got some words for you tonight!
Wyclef's got some words for you tonight!

The Ten Best Things to Do In Miami This Weekend

You know what time it is!!!

Actually, the exact time of the day really makes no difference right now unless you're looking at the clock and it says 5:29p.m..

Because in that case, you should be pealing your eyes off this screen and hopping your heiny into your car for your first stop of the evening.

Like NYC, Miami's a city that never sleeps. So, if you've got the time and the right pair of sensible pumps, then you've got somewhere to be.

That's the 305 for ya.


  • Wyclef Jean: Wonder if he's gonna make another song with Shakira now that she's pregnant and all.
  • Sydney Blu: The lady's on a mission for world domination. Get close while you can.
  • Sex On the Beach: Must we elaborate further?
  • Rent: Ready to have this stuck in your head all day: 525,600 minutes... seasons of loooooooooooove.



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