The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

In Kanye fashion, IMMA LET CHU FINISH, AMERICA, but we just won our second back-to-back NBA Championship.

So give us a minute.

If you live anywhere between Key West and Palm Beach County and have a pulse, chances are you were among the thousands of people celebrating along the streets for last night's earth-stopping victory. You may have been banging your casuelas along la calle 49; or maybe you were lighting fireworks from your backyard in North Beach; or, maybe, just maybe, you went straight to church and thanked Jesus [Shuttlesworth, perhaps] for an amazing win.

We're a classy bunch, so we won't go trash-talking the San Antonio Spurs. Lawwwwwd did they give us a good fight. Hat's off to them. But, America, yea, you... to all of you that talked all that smack about our home team: WE GIVE YOU A LeBRONUT TO THE FACE.

The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

Mmm, delicious.


Fete de la Musique: A festival of music, food, and drinks, and awesomeness.

Love the Everglades Movement: Seriously, guys. The Everglades is the only Everglades we've got.


Free Art Fridays: Not even Wade turns down free, y'all.


Rhythm & Arts Festival: Miami is the poster child for both of these elements!

On To the Next Radio Launch: Churchill's is the obvious host for a fully nude alternative-model site launch.

NKOTB: World's most inconvenient band acronym goes to...

Thomas Gold: Complete with the Mitas Touch.


Chino y Nacho: Pre-game with Chinese food and nachos, optional.

Neil Gaiman Book Tour for The Ocean at the End of the Lane: Make your way to Book & Books in Coral Gables. Hurry!

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