The Ten Best Skyscrapers in Miami

Miami is a flourishing, young city, barely a century old and fluid in its rhythms, its culture, and its image. That image has evolved year by year with the rising and falling of skyscrapers all across the county, as we continue to find ourselves wandering about fascinating new pieces of architecture that pierce upward along our flat horizon. And while one of the most significant periods of that architectural evolution took place in the '80s, in the wake of Miami's cocaine renaissance, the ill-fated boom era of our economy that came to a grinding halt in 2007 saw a flurry of activity in the form of mega-cranes and legions of construction companies pushing our skyline higher.

Soon, that skyline will have itself a new occupant in the exciting form of Zaha Hadid's first skyscraper on this side of the planet. As Miami's architectural landscape prepares for yet another change, we're taking an affectionate look at the wonderful buildings we know and love around town. From downtown Miami to the northern throes of the Beach, here are the ten most exquisite heights in our expanding jungle of glass-and-steel behemoths.

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10. Wells Fargo Center
200 SE Third St., Nichols, Brosch, Wurst, Wolf & Associates

This modernist-style cuboid of a building stands as the southernmost beauty among skyscrapers on the north side of the Miami River. While its glass shape might not stand out as brilliantly against the nighttime sky, on a sunny day, the hard lines of the structure are accentuated by its shimmering teal glass. The Wells Fargo Center, completed in 2010, is alternatively known as the Met 2 building, the second in a series of four commercial superstructures to be constructed in downtown by Nichols, Brosch, Wurst, Wolf & Associates, and is the only skyscraper in the project that can boast the significant involvement of Shaquille O'Neal, who even went as far as to form a building-development company, fittingly named the O'Neal Group.

The Ten Best Skyscrapers in Miami

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9. Marquis Residences
1100 Biscayne Blvd., Arquitectonica

Few buildings have ever become as quickly associated with the Miami skyline as local design firm Arquitectonica's Marquis. As the third-tallest building in town, it is inherently distinctive, but when you add in its location, just slightly north of the main nerve cluster of the city's skyscrapers, and the wholly unique rectangles of pure white light that hover vertically along the top 18 stories of the building like a sight out of Blade Runner, it doesn't take long to see how this structure became so popular so fast.

It's also one of the most expensive condos in downtown, with units reaching prices of $7 million -- one more time, for those in the back, that's 'apartments for SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS' -- and an array of tenants over the past few years that range from Heat players to foreign potentates.

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