The Ten Best Parks in Miami

Paradise. That's what this city is. It may often be perverse or peculiar, but have no doubt: Miami is the paradisiacal metropolis of the south. And the beauty of this place won't be found within the pulsating walls of LIV or along the bustling, crowded sidewalk of the Corner. The sublime appeal of this town radiates from the trees and the sand and the mangrove-entwined waters -- from the natural fibers of Miami.

But as in all great cities, the expansion of Miami has made that natural beauty a bit harder to connect with. Enter the Miami-Dade County department of Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces, who've have helped carve out pockets of earth, both small and large, in order to sustain a few fine spots where one can wander, relax, and enjoy the sense of serenity that comes with entering a peaceful, green space. And as the sun hangs higher and longer with each passing day, nobody should go without a few strolls through those spaces. So, for your strolling pleasure, here are ten of the best parks in the county of Miami-Dade.

The Ten Best Parks in Miami
Travis Cohen

10. Martell Park

NE 36th Street at Biscayne Bay, Miami

The idea of a park dropped in between the east and westbound lanes of the Julia Tuttle Causeway may not seem like the most serene concept in the world, but this is a thoroughly relaxing park. The calm feeling about this green space is emphasized by the disparity between the park and the churning concrete arteries surrounding it. The eastern edge of this park is a bulk head that allows a little bit of Biscayne Bay to traverse a breadth that separates Martell from the foot of I-195 and adds to the picturesque scenery that makes up the smallest park on this list.

The Ten Best Parks in Miami
Travis Cohen

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9. Legion Park

NE 66th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, Miami

Many people pass this park every day without the slightest idea that it's there, which is incredible considering how large it is. Stretching from Biscayne Boulevard to Biscayne Bay, Legion is another example of how a good park can feel like a point of departure, a portal world where things are easier and more comfortable than amidst the pay by the hour motels and bicycle bound errand boys of Miami's "Upper East Side." The park sports a nicely maintained set of basketball courts that are rarely too busy for you to jump in on a game or get your own going, and a pair of tennis courts that boast the lovely qualities of a view of Biscayne Bay and being free to play on. On a breezy day, you might just catch expert handlers flying stunt kites like fighter jets, which, if you've never witnessed it, is mesmerizing to watch -- and a far cry from watching half-wit drivers inch their way along US 1.

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