The Ten Best Miami Halloween Costumes This Year

The Ten Best Miami Halloween Costumes This Year
Photo by Liam Peters

It's late October. Do you know what you're going to be for Halloween?

Don't go to the costume store and buy one of those overpriced, cheaply made atrocities. Halloween is all about getting creative and making a statement with your outfit. Besides, a lot of things have happened in Miami this year that are just begging to be commented upon with your choice of costume.

Whether you like exercising like a horse, hating on your fellow Miamians, or just love selling blow, there's a timely and locally relevant costume in our list for you.

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If you haven't seen Stitches' "Brick in Yo Face" music video by now, you're not actually from Miami. Who loves selling blow? Stitches loves selling blow. Is it true? He do, he do, he do, ooohhh. For this insanely awesome costume, you can either draw fake stitches and AK-47 tattoos on your face, or you can get a Hellraiser mask, a hoodie, and a giant bag of flour. Definitely throw it around everywhere. This is even better if you're a girl and you make it "sexy" (read: miniskirt).

Rick Scott

On the polar opposite of the spectrum, you could be Florida's embarrassing governor, Rick Scott. He doesn't love selling blow or possibly anything. He's here to destroy your dreams of high-speed rail, drug-test your welfare recipients, and allow you legal access to only the shitty weed. Take this costume to the next level by turning it into a half-Rick Scott, half-Lord Voldemort twist. The Governor Who Shall Not Be Named, indeed.

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