The Sweetest Victory

All hail the mighty cupcake. There’s no baked dessert that’s more evocative of childhood innocence. Cupcakes take you back to the days of bruised knees and bake sales. Barbie Roqueta, owner of Sweetcakes Edibles, totally gets it. Her adorable little uptown bakery features 10 different kinds each day; when we caught up with her, the variety included Nutella. Mmmm.

Roqueta bakes up to 100 combinations of miniature moist cakes covered with sweet frosting. “Why cupcakes? There’s the nostalgia attached to it, the ease of it. And our Cupcake Bingo Nights are a fun way to get to know people. It’s so much better than going to some happy hour with a bunch of random strangers,” she says. For $15, you get to play unlimited bingo, complete with cool retro cards. You get two or three mini drunken cupcakes and a complimentary cocktail of the evening. Swing by and stuff your cakehole Wednesday night. The games begin at 7 and typically end by 9. “We kick everyone out by 10,” says Roqueta.
Wednesdays, 2008


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