The Shape of Things

The Miami Art Museum (MAM) draws a bead on the godfather of conceptual art, with a double-barreled blast targeting Sol LeWitt’s career and collection. LeWitt x 2, opening today at MAM, is a two-part exhibit, “Sol LeWitt: Structure and Line,” a retrospective, takes aim at the artist’s own work, while “Selections from the LeWitt Collection” offers a scattershot view of his contemporary art collection.

One of the most influential artists of the mid-Twentieth Century, LeWitt consistently pushed the boundaires of modern art during a career spanning more than five decades, once declaring that the “idea was the machine that makes art.” The first half of the exhibit features 45 sculptures and works on paper by the artist dating from the Sixties to the present. Highlights include LeWitt’s recent Scribble drawings, examples of his open cube structures, and one of his trademark wall drawings, which was commissioned by MAM for the exhibition. The second part showcases 100 pieces LeWitt has collected through trades with colleagues, including key works from the early years of the conceptual art movement. The bang bang affair promises a bull’s eye view of the aesthetic of this enduring visionary. The exhibition runs through June 3.
Feb. 23-June 3


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