The Sexiest Month

The advent of June means it’s time for Kiss Me in Miami, AKA Miami Romance Month. Yes, you read right. Not February; this celebration of lovin’ lasts this Saturday, June 1, through the end of the month. So you’re on the hook for yet another lovey-dovey, dramatic display of affection. Lucky for you, there are all kinds of package deals and special events to make your life a little easier when wining, dining, and Boyz II Men’ing your significant other. The promotion, sponsored by the Greater Miami and the Beaches CVB, features sweet deals for sexy getaways at some of the area’s hottest hotels and locales. Think the Mandarin Oriental, the Fontainebleau, and the Betsy South Beach, plus lots of others. And because they’re packages, you’re off the hook for legwork, so you can direct all of your energy toward sexy time. And if you were thinking of popping the question, this might be an opportune time to bite the bullet, especially considering the wedding deals being doled out. There are offers for discounted ceremonies at the Frost Art Museum, the Bass Museum of Art, and other locales. There’s also a wedding showcase kickoff with prizes this Sunday. So get your romance on already. All of these special offers leave you with little left in the way of excuses.
June 1-30, 2013


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