The Seven Creatives You Meet in Miami

The Seven Creatives You Meet in Miami
Ciara Osorio

Every city has its arts scene. But here in Miami, where culture is constantly evolving at breakneck speed, the people in that scene are a unique breed.

Creative types often sacrifice money for craft; they listen to their heart and follow their bliss, even in the face of criticism, haters, stiff competition, and industries that are evolving in the digital era. Through it all, Miami's creative types innovate and endure. As Miami grows into its 21st century identity, these are the people paving the way to the future of South Florida arts.

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The Seven Creatives You Meet in Miami

7. Musicians

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There are two ways to stay young forever: die young or become a rock star. Most musicians choose option B. They're celebrated for acting out-of-control, destroying hotel rooms, engaging in orgies while sniffing Molly off each other's asses.

Miami is a city of swagger, a glitzy show town, but most musicians here are pretty normal, easy to talk to, and cordial. Okay, maybe they're not the most intelligent lot, but they have heart and passion. Sure, there are the outliers, arrogant, drunken rogues swinging their dicks. But most are quite nice with strong family values. It's hard to keep a band together. Ask any musician. It's very much like a family.

6. Actors

South Florida actors obviously move to LA or New York if they want to progress. But there are still some stragglers here among us. Actors, not surprisingly, tend to be dramatic in real life, often blowing feelings and occurrences out of proportion. They're narcissistic and have conflict realizing everything is not about them. On the other hand, other actors are hollow vessels, quiet and introverted, waiting for a role and a director to make them complete.

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