The Salsa Congress Convenes

Miami and salsa have been intertwined since the dance form emerged in the 1970s. Although there have been familial arguments about where it originated — Cuba? Puerto Rico? Colombia even? — it doesn’t really matter in South Florida, because we have representatives from all of those regions kicking up a salsa storm year-round, culminating at the Miami Salsa Congress, a five-day extravaganza of concerts, dances, and workshops at various Miami Beach locations, including registration at the Miami Beach Convention Center (1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach), this Wednesday through July 28. The first night will feature S2Son in concert, during which you can hear all of salsa’s influences, from the vocalization of Cuban son to rumba and American pop music. The Colombians will get a listening Friday when Cali native Carlos Guerrero, a veteran of numerous salsa bands, takes the stage. José “El Canario” Alberto, a product of the ’70s New York scene who sang with Celia Cruz and Oscar D’León, will close out the congress Sunday. In between, there will be many other performances small and large, local and international, plus dance classes, pool parties, and DJ nights.
July 24-29, 2013


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