The Renaissance, Miami Style

It takes a nimble-fingered hand to master the complexities of the guitar, and it takes a local genius to handcraft a sound reflective of Miami’s cultural rebirth. The University of Miami Gusman Concert Hall will reverberate with that kind of musical renaissance during Orchestra Miami’s season finale at 8 p.m., when the talents of two well-respected musicians converge in one amazing new song.

Thrice-nominated Grammy composer and Miami native David Chesky has written a piece so layered in modern and classical complexity that only its intended artist, Angel Romero, could play it with such grace. During a show recapping the best of Orchestra Miami’s tropi-classical fusion, the Spanish guitar maestro offers the North American premiere of “Concerto for Guitar,” a number that encompasses flamenco, jazz, and classical elements in a way that is both reminiscent of the guitar’s elder Iberian roots and its equally moody American reformation.
Sat., May 31, 2008


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