The Red Thread at the Playground Theatre Through December 18

Taking inspiration from a Chinese folktale called The Magical Embroidery, the PlayGround Theatre, which prides itself on staging unique and innovative stories for all ages, presents an encore performance of The Red Thread, a moving and fun journey into myth and fantasy, for the holiday season. It's a tale steeped in traditional archetypes. Love, family, and destiny are interwoven into the story, much like the tapestry that is the tale's MacGuffin. At the center of the splendid and fluid production is a simple, universal tale of a young Chinese girl who goes on a magical odyssey. She sets off on an arduous trek across China to save her father's grand masterpiece, a tapestry he's been meticulously working on for years. She crosses kingdoms and climbs the daunting Kunlun Mountain, where she meets a mystic who helps her on her quest and guides her to her ultimate destiny.


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