The Punk of the Irish

Never are there so many mysteriously Irish people as there are on St. Patrick's Day. Your buddy Juan? Sure, he's Irish, he swears. On his maternal grandmother's side, once removed, or something. Whatever. Real ethnic connection to the Emerald Isle or not, almost anyone can enjoy what St. Paddy's Day has become for nightcrawlers — an excuse to indulge unbridled. What's more, that license for licentiousness now seems to extend throughout the days before and after the holiday itself.

Case in point: the Churchill's Pub (5501 NE Second Ave., Miami) approach to St. Paddy's Day, an appropriately themed Punk-Rock Tribute Night that celebrates the holiday on the eve of the big day. The evening, brought to you by Destroyio Records, blends both original and tribute material. The main headliner here is Liberty Call, a local band whose main members boast Irish ancestry and who draw on the same kind of rowdy, boozy sound as Dropkick Murphys. Also on the bill, though, is the saucily named Stiff Little Dick, which punk-rock fans will accurately identify as a tribute act to Ireland’s best old-school punk act, Stiff Little Fingers. Members of locals such as Unity 6, Vice City Rockers, and Enough promise renditions of SLF classics including the searing "Tin Soldiers."

Admission is $5, and as always, drinks at Churchill's are cheap, so get a Friday head start and booze — uh, celebrate — it up. Call 305-757-1807 or visit
Fri., March 16, 2012


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