The Power Is Yours

Simone Kelly-Brown is our kinda woman. She founded the Give ’N Take Network, which began as a networking event in New York City and has blossomed into a national platform for female entrepreneurs to exchange valuable services. She hosts the popular Own Your Power radio show, where every week she teaches people to love what they do and do what they love. If you’re stuck in a life rut, she’s there to offer helpful advice. If those are messages you need to hear, you should totally sign up for the Own Your Power Retreat this weekend at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa. It kicks off today at 2:30 with a keynote speech by Kelly-Brown and Jewel Diamond Taylor.

This four-day retreat will offer seminars and presentations on a variety of uplifting and inspiring topics. Attendees can learn everything from how to express themselves with art, business-building methods, and the best stretches and poses in a class called Yoga for Great Sex. Where do we sign up? Visit Individual events (like Yoga for Great Sex) cost $39. The full conference (which includes morning yoga, breakfast, and admission to all workshops and activities) costs $499.
Oct. 25-28, 2007


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