The Old Man and the Keys

It’s not every day you get to celebrate the life and literature of an alcoholic misogynist. Especially not one who put a shotgun to his head. No, a celebration like this comes just once a year. But here we are. Hemingway Days return to the Keys. Head down to where The Sun Also Rises today through Sunday, July 23. Tour his home. Catch the “Hemingway on Stage” series. Listen to other literati who prefer to write in short sentences. So much to do, yet our time is brief.

Bad news for you fish. The 2006 Key West Marlin Tournament will have anglers competing for your head. That $250,000 cash prize can buy a lot of whiskey. Billfish, beware tomorrow through Saturday. Visit

People say you look like Kenny Rogers. You might also pass for Papa. Portly, bearded fellows are in demand. And it will be hot in that fisherman sweater. Maybe safari khakis are a better idea. Be at Sloppy Joe’s (201 Duval St., Key West) Thursday, July 20, for the first round of this year’s Hemingway Look-Alike contest. After noon on Saturday, you will prepare for the “Running of the Bulls.” It will be crowded. Have shrimp and beer before you run. Visit for details. Call 800-527-8539, or visit for a complete schedule.
July 18-23


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