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Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost isle in the Caribbean, is known as the home of calypso music. But once the pre-Lenten ritual known as Carnival has ended, the season’s serenaders are left with a bushel of party-starting anthems and a repentant audience. For the rest of the year, the top-tier soca stars travel from Carnival to Carnival, spreading revelry throughout the Caribbean, parts of Canada, London, and wherever else there’s a major population of island people. Miami is a big venue for soca music. And there’s no better way to enjoy all of your favorite artists than at Socavivor, the frenetic eight-day annual celebration of music, culture, and flag-waving debauchery.

Event organizer Marlon Whiteman of Trini South Boyz seeks to outdo himself every year. And every year he gives the people what they’ve been craving (Saturday night’s Wet Fete, anyone?) and adds new instructions to the mix. For example, at Sunrise, Friday morning’s party at Nocturnal (50 NE 11th St., Miami), sunglasses are mandatory; the party begins at 4 a.m. and ends at noon. Day is night! Night is day! You’re gonna need to take the day off work for this one, homey. Visit to plan your schedule accordingly; after all, you don’t want to miss Machel Montano’s last lap Monday night, do you?
Oct. 8-13, 2008


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