The Magic of Art

The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood is running a magical art lotto. At “Abracadabra: The Fourth Annual Fund-raising Art Exhibition" over 100 works of art will be on display at the center. Look for work by Miami artists such as Susan Lee Chun, Tawnie Silva, Typoe, and Farley Aguilar — to name just a few. Abracadabra’s opening reception coincides with the unveiling of two separate exhibitions. Christiaan Lopez-Miro’s “All Roads Lead to Cassaga” is a photographic portrait of a 115-year-old spiritualist retreat in central Florida (a region whose swamps have been littered with strange utopian experiments). And Lea Nickless’s “Water & Oil” features portraits of plankton on tar paper, and oil pigment floating on water, to recreate the eerily beautiful, brown swirls seen in satellite photos of the BP-screwed Gulf.
Fri., Jan. 21, 6 p.m., 2011


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