The Juggalos Are Coming!

Fans of makeup-wearing nu-metal rappers Insane Clown Posse (ICP) are known as Juggalos. In ICP’s song, “What Is a Juggalo,” the group describes its typical fan as “A fucking lunatic, somebody with a rope tied to his dick. Then he jumps out a 10-story window, gets butt-naked, then he walks through the streets, winking at the freaks, with a two-liter stuck in his butt cheeks. He ain't a phony, he'll walk up and bust a nut in your macaroni.” Okay, enough. We get the idea. Cover your eyes and hide your red lipstick -- the Juggalos are having a convention in Miami.

The Karmic Reality Network of Juggalos ( has decided to bring us The Karmic Gathering: ¡Devastacion!, three full days of fun-filled events. It all begins at 8 tonight with a Zombie Walk on Lincoln Road that will head east toward the afterparty on the beach. The Juggalo gathering will then meet at the Marriott SpringHill Suites (6700 NW Seventh St., Miami) for pillow fights, bonfires, skinny dipping, and all kinds of good shit. For more info, check out
Dec. 13-15, 2007


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