The Jerk

Every good guy needs a nemesis - someone to bash him when he's down, to kick sand in his eyes, and to generally piss people off. Which isn't to say we always hate these jerks; sometimes, they're damn funny. Which must be why veteran local comic Lisa Corrao is hosting Jerks!, a night of local comedy that doesn't pull any punches. The one-night show is a spin off of Corrao's popular Nerds series, and will feature such notable, local pricks as Matt Zigan, Oni Perez, Ivan Hernandez, Forrest Shaw, and Patrick Schroeder. (Actually, they're all very nice people... don't hurt me, please.) No topic is off limits at this 18 and up show. Tix run $12.
Wed., April 22, 8 p.m., 2009


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