The House of Bernarda Alba at the Arsht Center through October 30

Federico García Lorca's powerful play explores the potentially explosive tension of a small-town family controlled by a domineering matriarch. When Bernarda Alba's husband dies, the widow decrees an eight-year mourning period for herself and her five young daughters. Bernarda has ruled the family with an iron fist, isolating them from the real world and stunting their efforts to find lasting relationships. But the hostility mounts when one daughter defies her mother by wearing makeup and a colorful dress, while a love triangle develops between two sisters and a young suitor named Pepe. The father's inheritance and the arrival of the handsome Pepe stir up a maelstrom of apprehension and bitterness as Bernarda's obsession to keep her family and its so-called reputation under her thumb reaches a fever pitch. For the 75th anniversary of Lorca's death, the Arsht Center has partnered with the University of Miami to bring his masterpiece to South Florida.


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